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Claddings, for example, on spectator stands, are what “dress” buildings. With a keen eye for detail, excellent craftsmanship and many years of experience, we can fit temporary building structures into their “tailor-made suits”.
You will only find creases where you want them to be!


There is no “one-size-fits-all” solution for claddings. Each project is subject to its own requirements.  The choice of the right cladding material is hence contingent upon the kind of substructure used or the particular function of the cladding.

The materials we use include stage molton, deco molton, shirting, gauze, membrane, mesh or wood – if required, we can provide you with custom-made frameworks for cladding, made of wood or metal, which we manufacture in our own workshop.

Taking care of things:

We can also take care of planning for your cladding and interior fitting needs.
Escape routes, bearing loads, fire classification, fire resistance or statutory requirements are taken into consideration in planning.


When it comes to conventional building systems in temporary structures, we can rely on a tried-and-tested network of professional craftspeople.

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