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Oberfraese Detail

Tool technology

Our fitters are equipped with the latest, high-quality assembly tools. This allows us to guarantee the highest level of quality and safety for the work performed. This is also the reason why we use Festool tools for woodwork. In addition to our extensive stock of tools for assembly work, we also operate our own workshop which boasts high-quality stationary woodworking machines.


Our fitters are equipped with personal protection gear, comprising a hard hat, belt, connection devices and a positioning system.
This equipment along with the additional ropes which are exclusively used to secure fitters undergo annual technical inspection by TÜV.
We keep records, i.e., serial number and inspection dates, on all the equipment used by our employees and freelance staff.


We use our own vans and buses to dispatch personnel and tools.  Additional vehicles are hired to cope with seasonal workloads or peaks in demand.

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