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Time is crucial in the event business. Our extensive experience translates to faster execution.

Stages or spectator stands are assembled at high speed by our highly motivated fitters. Each fitter knows exactly what to do, and every step is preci


Assembling complex stages or spectator stands poses a logistic challenge. The right material has to be positioned precisely and at the right time irrespective of how much space is available. 

When schedules are tight, short distances, clever assignment of assembly staff and an eye for what's important are the factors that determine the success or failure of a project.

Saving material:

Economical use of materials during construction improves cost-to-benefit ratios and hence boosts customer satisfaction. This also ensures that budgets are adhered to. 

Our crew leaders and fitters keep this in mind during all our construc

Out of the box:

When requested by the customer, we can install underwater structures for stages and spectator stands. In 2005, for instance, at the Federal Garden Show (BUGA) in Munich where we built, five metres below the water’s surface, a substructure for a tent in the BUGA lake in Munich-Riem.

Another example is “Volkwagen's Car City” in Wolfsburg where every winter we install the substructure for the ice surface in the local lake.


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