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Our fitters combine their experience with a keen eye and the right touch in order to perform demanding and complicated assembly work at heights.
Correct workplace positioning, a clever approach and an eye for the big picture during the individual stages of assembly save time, boost safety and effectively ensure success.


When it comes to performing assembly work at heights, errors can endanger the project and mistakes can result in a fatal risk for the fitter and others.

That's the reason why we only deploy staff to perform this work who have sufficient experience and who are capable of staying focused and working under extreme assembly conditions. 


Our fitters working at heights are equipped with personal protection gear, comprising a hard hat, belt, connection devices and a positioning system.
This equipment along with the additional ropes which are exclusively used to secure fitters undergo annual technical inspection by TÜV.

We keep records, i.e., serial number and inspection dates, on all the equipment used by our employees and freelance staff.

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